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Local search has been an increasingly growing way people use the internet for the last decade; which is why we developed a way for businesses to utilize hyper-targeted Calgary lead generation. Your immediate question is probably, “Great, how does it work?”

From a high-level perspective, the concept is actually quite simple. Build an additional website or websites using hyper-targeted domain names that use keywords to describe exactly what your business does.

Digging deeper, we will also work with you to develop content that will be unique. However, the content will be specific to your niche and the keywords that describe some aspect of your business. You will be the point of contact for your product or service in Calgary.

I need to stress this point here before we go further:

This isn’t about Calgary website development, or Calgary domain names; it’s about Calgary lead generation. Domain names and website development are tools that can be used in lead generation.

How Calgary Lead Generation Can Work:

First of all, we will start with a small working example.

I encourage you to snoop around this site paying close attention to the address in the URL bar. What happens when you hover over “Blog” on the menu, then click on the “Music & Recording” menu item? Try it.

We are creating additional funnels for people to find you. We can help you develop a hyper-targeted Calgary lead generation plan for your business.

1. Build an Additional Website or Websites

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I have actually already written another blog post that describes this method from a different perspective. You can think of it as a Multi Domain SEO Strategy. This is consequently a different way of explaining the five points in this section.

The first thing that needs to happen is to develop an additional website specific to your niche. This could become several websites, but we will get to that later.

Calgary Lead Generation Example: Bob the Renovation Guy

For example, lets say you are a home renovator in Calgary. If you run BobsSuperAwesomeRenovations.org, you are probably experiencing regular monthly costs on pay-per-click advertising. In other words, paying Google, Facebook, etc. to feature your website and services for a short period of time.

We want to develop additional funnels with the goal of creating organic, Calgary lead generation results over time. More specifically, highly-targeted webpages that organically rank in Google for specific key words. Above all, you still keep your existing website and we don’t need to touch it.

2. Utilize “Calgary” and Your Niche in a Highly Targeted Domain Name

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Let’s continue with the BobsSuperAwesomeRenovations.org example. There is only one keyword that describes what Bob does; “renovations”.

First of all, here are the biggest issues with this:

  • No one knows who or where Bob is. Google might figure it out over time, but it makes it even more difficult.
  • “Renovations” is the ONLY keyword in this domain that gives you and Google the slightest hint about Bob’s business.
  • “.com” TLD’s are typically the preferred domain extension for many reasons. Therefore a “.com” will usually be recommended over anything else. In contrast, a “.ca” may be useful and we advise using both versions for a domain if you can.

Let’s assume Bob contacts us and is interested in this service. What do we do?

Find a Calgary Lead Generation Niche

After talking with Bob, we recognize that there are a few great keywords he could benefit from. They identify a specific niche in Calgary that he can fulfill. Let’s assume Bob has areas of expertise in bathroom and basement renovations.

We get back to Bob and tell him we have the following domains available:

  • CalgaryBasement.com
  • CalgaryBathroom.com
  • CalgaryBathroomRenovator.com
  • CalgaryBathroomRenovators.com
  • CalgaryReno.com
  • CalgaryReno.ca
  • CalgaryRenos.ca

Bob might say, “Great! I’ll use them all!”, or in contrast he might say, “I’ll just focus on bathrooms.”

For the sake of this example, let’s assume Bob wishes to focus only on bathrooms. No problem, Bob.

3. Create Unique, Useful Content for Visitors in Your Niche

cartoon image of a crane moving a coding icon onto a computer screen representing content on a website

We will continue with Bob the renovation guy. Let’s assume he just wants to use CalgaryBathroom.com. We will start planning content focused on bathroom renovations in Calgary. Content might include things such as:

  • what to consider when renovating your bathroom,
  • what you should look for in a bathroom renovation contractor,
  • tips on things to avoid,
  • and of course, how to get a hold of Bob.

This content will all be written with “Calgary” & “bathroom” as the focus keywords in mind. This will also include any synonyms or related keywords. As a result, this leads directly to point four, search engine optimization.

4. Develop & Execute a Search Engine Optimization Plan

blocks with the logos of search engines on top of other blocks that spell out SEO. SEO is a contributing factor in Calgary lead generation.

If you aren’t entirely sure what SEO is, it is optimizing your site to rank as high as possible on Google. In other words, with out having to pay for advertisements.

Doing it in a way that doesn’t get you banned or penalized from Google also takes time. Sometimes it can even take up to 6 months for SEO efforts to start producing the results.

This is also why SEO is a major part of any Calgary lead generation plan. Furthermore, it is also why we don’t offer any plans that are less than on year.

Back to Bob the Renovation Guy

We work with Bob to write content that targets specific keywords in the bathroom renovation niche. We research relevant links, build back links, and structure content to be as useful to the reader as possible. This also includes analyzing traffic stats, search engine results, and keyword interest on a regular basis. Based on that information, relevant updates will be made to the pages that need it. This helps to improve the content over time and keep the page updated; all things Google likes.

Above all, offering something useful to the reader is the goal. Google sees this as a good user experience. They will start to give you an edge over other sites as you update and improve the value of the content. Developing backlinks from related complimentary content also helps you build authority.

Remember you don’t necessarily need a lot of content, just really good content.

5. Scale Up Your Calgary Lead Generation

an icon representing the scalability of calgary lead generation

You might be able to see how this is a highly scalable method of organically growing your business. With bathrooms and basements alone, Bob has the potential own a significant piece of the market. He might decide after a year that he also wants CalgaryBasement.com too. Now we can do it all one more time, but focusing on basements.

In contrast, if Bob had decided he wanted to use all seven domains we offered him, we can strategically place content on each site. We wouldn’t necessarily need to build a full website for each domain name either. A single page site with highly valuable content can work great. We can build a network of sites giving Bob an opportunity to own the market.

How Much Does Calgary Lead Generation Cost?

canadian coins representing cost of Calgary lead generation.

It is most certainly a fraction of what advertising on bus benches for a year would cost. It is also a fraction of what a direct mail brochure would cost to send out to an entire community. We’re looking at you, real estate agents.

The cost will depend on a number of factors including:

  • the size of the target market,
  • domain extension (.com or other),
  • complexity of the website,
  • & also how much content needs to be created.

As a result, a good ballpark estimate would be anywhere from $1000-$2000 for the first year for a single site. Approximately half of that is the initial setup fee, while the rest would be a small monthly fee. As a result, your second year annual cost would be approximately half.

Volume discounts are available, and you would also get the first option to renew at the end of the year.

Again, this is a ballpark estimate and does vary depending on the four items listed above. Your best bet is to contact us so we can determine your local & niche.


Calgary lead generation is about creating additional sales funnels. I will reiterate this point from the intro one more time:

image of google analytics showing website page views

Calgary lead generation is NOT about Calgary website development, or Calgary domain names. Domain names and website development are tools that can be used in lead generation.

Most small businesses only have one website, if any. What if you could create several additional funnels focusing on a specific niche within your market? This is another way you can start to create new leads for your business. It also tends to be a fraction of the price of traditional print marketing methods.

By placing high quality, niche specific, and unique content on a site that rests under a highly targeted, niche domain name, you can start to generate hyper-targeted leads.

Here’s what we can do together to improve your Calgary lead generation:

  1. Tell us what you do. What industry do you work in and what kind of work do you do?
  2. We will come back to you with keyword options.
  3. Work with us to develop a content strategy that creates highly unique and valuable content. The content will be focused on those keywords and any related terms or synonyms.
  4. Finally, you can approve the webpage or website we build for you.
  5. Above all, leave the rest to us.

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