Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions I've been asked anywhere from once to many times... or never and I just thought it was useless information you should know, because reasons.

Are you Jack Black?

No. Despite my previous appearance when I had hair and extra weight, I can assure you I am not Jack Black.

What is the point of this site?

This is kind of a test to explore blogging while both sharing and consuming information. I also intend to let some personality through and not make things seem so polished. I'm trying to make this site show flaws for what they are and learn from them.

I will talk about my previous and current endeavors, whether they failed or succeeded (mostly failed), what I learned, and what I am currently working on. Generally speaking you can expect to find my experiences with eCommerce, affiliate marketing, social media, website development, SEO, engineering, and music.

I am also going to take advantage of being able to pick up some freelance web or music projects.

Do you have Facebook?

Yes, kind of. I tend to be a fairly private person when it comes to aspects of my life and what I share online. Much of what I am doing here on this site or on social media is definitely out of character for me and out of my comfort zone. But the reality is that it does have its role and it will play an essential part in some of my efforts online.

Being able to experiment with social media marketing inevitably requires a Facebook account, among other things.

Why should I listen to you and what you say?

You should be skeptical and ask yourself if what I say makes sense to you or not. If it doesn't, tell me why. One of us might learn something.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Can you build me a website?

Yes. Let's talk.

Will you record my music?

Maybe. I previously stopped looking for music clients a while back for a number of reasons but mainly because:

  • I went back to university,
  • and I have issues with certain strangers in my house.

Not to suggest I turn down all projects that require recording, but projects that have a high likelihood of me saying "Yes" to are mixing projects. In other words, the recording has already been done and you need someone to balance all the levels, clean it up, and make it sound good. This is because it doesn't require me to invite strangers to my house.

Either way, if you are interested in getting some inexpensive audio production done (including recording), you can always contact me and we can go from there. We can talk the details of your project and see if we would be a good fit to work together.

I like to meet up with potential clients over a drink before inviting them to my house. This way we can both make sure the other isn't shady as hell.


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