Calgary Peace bridge. Spencer McLeod's home town.


Spencer has called Calgary, Alberta, Canada home since 1999.


  • Central Memorial High School (2003)
  • Sound Arts 101 - The Academy of Production and Recording Arts (2006)
  • Advanced Music Production - The Academy of Production and Recording Arts (2007)
  • BSc. Electrical Engineering - University of Calgary (2015)
  • Web Developer Certification - SAIT (2018)


Spencer has been playing the drums since he was able to reach the hi-hat pedal with his foot. Since being vertically challenged is a common trait among young kids, he was not able to reach the kick pedal at the same time until he was about 7 years old. It was around this time music really started to become "a thing" for Spencer.

Fast forward to the early 2000's. Spencer was finishing high school and had a punk rock band. After completing two audio engineering courses and working in commercial audio (sound masking) for nearly two years, he started Bulldog Recording. This was also his look at web development.

After running Bulldog Recording exclusively for over a year, Spencer had an epiphany. Recording music is notoriously expensive, musicians are notoriously broke, and the whole idea of it appeared to be a very unstable career path. Not to mention trying to be a career musician looked just as bleak. Music would have to be "just a hobby". Time to go back to school.

Graduating in 2015 from the University of Calgary was bad timing from an economic perspective. Canada, and especially Alberta were going through some extremely tough economic times. Jobs were disappearing faster than a hip hop artist when you ask them to pay you for the work you did. Since Spencer still always dabbled in web development throughout the years, he figured it was time to jump in head first.

In the fall of 2017 Spencer got some formal training in web development. This took him down to ElToro.com in Louisville, KY, USA from January to May 2018. Upon returning home, Spencer unexpectedly landed work in electrical engineering with an EPCM company in downtown Calgary.

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